Building Your Own Dream Home


Building Your Own Dream Home

Building Your Own Dream Home 938 500 MD Ian Thain
Building Your Dream Home

Self built homes were once something many of us in the United Kingdom could only have dreamt about, but now there are figures showing that at least one in ten newly built homes are built by their owners themselves, That figure is set to rise even further.

In fact the latest estimates are that the self build market will increase by over 141%.

This increase is understandable when you look at the obvious advantages a self build home brings, such as the ability to tailor your home to fit your individual needs. One of the most important elements of this is Smart Home Technology or Home Automation!

Like anything technical within the home, there will be cabling involved and for this reason it’s vital that everything is right from the planning to the first fix stage. Beyond this point its a very expensive and time consuming up hill battle. This is why its absolutely crucial that you have the right people working along side you from day one. Wave AV Installations can offer you that support & expertise, helping you achieve your ultimate goals & ambition.